Campus Improvements

Below is a list of ongoing improvements that Northside needs help with. If you can help in any way please contact Mark Evans at: 

Campus Improvement

  • Repave, seal, and paint the front parking lot. Most recent estimate for this was about $6000.  COMPLETE! THANK YOU!
  • New air conditioning units for the entire campus.  There are 17 units that need to be replaced that are original from the schools initial days. This is a great way to reduce energy and repair costs. Estimate we have received for this is just under $60,000.  COMPLETE! THANK YOU!
  • New flooring for the two preschool playgrounds. We want our students to have fun on the playgrounds while keeping their safety a priority.  We have envisioned a permanent padded outdoor flooring.
  • Laying sod and plants around campus where there are currently patches of red dirt. 
  • Patch all the gutters around all the buildings to prevent and stop leaking.
  • Add some landscaping to the grassy area at the school entrance that separates car lines.  Plant trees, flowers and maybe even curb it for safety.
  • Pressure wash and paint the storage trailer behind the campus.   COMPLETE! THANK YOU!
  • Paint and replace lunchroom tables. COMPLETE! THANK YOU!
  • Re-striping the back parking lot. COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

Athletic Advancements: 

  • Install new toilets and stall doors in both the boys and girls dressing room. COMPLETE! THANK YOU!
  • New and improved concessions open to ideas and volunteers.
  • Establish advertising in our gym and fields with local business to raise money. COMPLETE! THANK YOU!
  • New and improved flooring for the Castle (gym). COMPLETE! THANK YOU!