NMA Is Accredited Through Two Agencies




Dually Accredited

Northside is fully accredited with the American Association of Christian Schools, Alabama Christian Education Association, Alabama Independent School Association, AdvancED, and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). 

Alabama Independent School Association/AdvancED/SACS - The AISA proudly maintains an agency partnership with AdvancED/SACS and serves as the Lead Agency in this partnership.  This partnership allows schools to obtain both AISA and SACS accreditation through one seamless process, with the AISA serving as the managing partner in this process and utilizing AdvancED unique protocols and platforms.   

The AISA is focused on quality and continuous school improvement in the independent school environment.  Quality is about the dynamic combination of inputs, processes, and results working in harmony to achieve the school’s vision for student learning.  The AdvancED Standards for Quality Schools and AISA Assurances provide this comprehensive view of quality.  Schools should use the standards and AISA Assurances to focus on the end goal of quality.


AACS - the American Association of Christian Schools - is one of the leading organizations of Christian schools in the country. Founded in 1972 and now in operation for over forty years, the AACS serves over 100,000 students and teachers in member schools throughout the United States. The general purpose and objectives of AACS are to aid in promoting, establishing, advancing, and developing Christian schools and Christian education in America.

Quality Christian education is a primary goal of AACS member schools. Outstanding educational programs are offered by AACS to help member schools enrich their academic programs. These include school accreditation, teacher certification, achievement testing, and others. The AACS is dedicated to quality, innovation, and excellence in education.

The heart of the AACS is the federation of state associations who work in harmony with the national association in providing member services. AACS is unique in that it has the strength of a national coalition of Bible-believing Christian schools with the practicality of locally-controlled state associations.  ACEA - The Alabama Christian Education Association - was organized in 1975 and has served an estimated 160,000 students, and has, in some way, touched every Christian school in the state. Presently, ACEA is one of the largest state Christian school organizations in the country. Our future looks bright as we continue to grow, work, and serve together.

Our primary purpose for existing is the Christian school student. Our young people are very important to us. By working together, we can more ably and efficiently meet the spiritual, academic, and athletic needs of our young people. ACEA makes it possible for the needs of both the large and small school to be met.