Elementary Supervisor

Allison Lawson
Elementary Supervisor
BS in Theology
MS in Counseling
Professional Certificate in Elementary Education
[email protected]

Mrs. Lawson received her BA in Theology from The Florida Baptist Theological College in Graceville, FL.  While studying for her degree, she became a Christian, experienced a call to ministry, and met her husband, Michael Lawson.  Mrs. Lawson and Michael then moved to New Orleans where she received a MA in Family Counseling.  She has served in local church ministry for over 23 years along the side of her husband.  Her family has spent the last 14 years on staff with Mount Gilead Baptist Church of Dothan.  During this time, God opened the door for Mrs. Lawson to be working to obtain her second MA in Education.  Mrs. Lawson is starting her ninth year with NMA and will be acting as the new Elementary Supervisor.  She is excited to see how God moves and works in her new role.
Mrs. Lawson firmly believes that all education should be rooted in truth.  Truth originates with the Word of God.  Therefore, Mrs. Lawson believes all subjects should be firmly rooted in the Bible.  This is one of her favorite aspects about NMA, where it is the mission of the school to teach children in both knowledge and truth.