2023-2024 School Board Members


Bradley Rushing, Chairman of the School Board

Bill Reif, Pastor of Northside Methodist Church

Todd McMahen, Northside Methodist Church Chairman of the Board of Stewards

Jude Tharp, Northside Methodist Church and Board Member

Carolyn Tharp, Northside Methodist Church and Board Member

Nikki Beck, Board Member

Darrell Reid, Board Member

Brad Seaver, Board Member

Josh Halubka, Head of School

Andrea Johnson, Principal

Mike McDuffie, Assistant Principal

Debbie Hughes, Business Administrator

Mike Mordecai, Athletic Director


The job of the school board is to represent the families of the school in determining and requiring accomplishment of the school's mission and vision while providing direction for the spiritual leadership of the school. The board will hold meetings on a monthly basis to administer the affairs of the school at which it will establish policies and plans consistent with the school's mission, vision, and values.

The Northside Metholdist Academy school board is comprised of the Northside Methodist Church Senior Pastor, the Chairman of the Board of Stewards, and other board members, with at least two church members included.  The Chairman of the Board is recommended by the board and elected at the annual meeting of the Northside Methodist Church for a two-year term and may be re-elected for one additional two-year term.  Board members serve three-year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms and will be elected by the board members, with the exception of the church members who will be elected at the annual congregational meeting.

The Head of School and principals serve as non-voting members of the school board.