ACT Prep Classes

ACT Prep at NMA 

Mrs. Parmer will be giving Math Prep classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays before the ACT
that will be given at Northside.

Before the NMA test date, 7th period will be available for Juniors and Seniors to come to prep classes.

English Prep - - Science Prep - - Math Prep - - Science Prep - - Math Prep

September 23rd & 24th English ACT Prep Class with Mrs. Gilbert room 500 7th pd

September 26th & 30th Math ACT Prep Class with Ms, Parmer room 500 7th pd

October 1st ACT testing 11th & 12th grade Gym at 8:00

October 8th ASVAB 11th grade place TBA

October 30th PSAT 10th & 11th grade – Gym at 8:00

ACT Dates & Deadlines

Coming Soon...