Northside Preschool & Kindergarten

The goal of the Preschool & Kindergarten program at Northside Methodist Academy is to train children in the knowledge of God and the Christian way of life while giving the children an excellent education and providing a good foundation for each child’s future. This is implemented by using an excellent phonetically-based Christian curriculum. Our daily curriculum is combined with fun activities, crafts, special days, and celebrations that help make learning fun and inspire a love for learning. It is the passion of each teacher in the Preschool Department to work with every individual child so that they will grow closer to the Lord and prayerfully come to know Him at a young age. We also desire to give them the best opportunity possible to succeed academically in the years to come.

Preschool & Kindergarten Faculty


Sadie Ray
Elementary Secretary

Cathy Corbin
K-3 Teacher & Child Care Director
BS in Bilology with minor in Chemestry          


  Aeriel Davis
  K-3 Aide


Jessica Smith
K-4 Teacher


Andrea Otto
K-4 Teacher
BS in Early Education


Alison Beeson
K-4 Aide
Elementary Art

Kimberly Caton
K-5 Teacher
BS in Early Childhood Education


Cheryl Frith
K-5 Aide


Brittany Ezell
K-5 Teacher
BS in Early Childhood Education


Erica Goodson
K-5 Aide